Middle School Misadventures: Dance Disaster

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Apr 5, 2022

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In Jason Platt's third Middle School Misadventures graphic novel, Newell’s perfectly comfortable life is turned upside down when Mrs. Hendricks announces the upcoming school dance (Fart.) and he discovers his dad is dating his math teacher (Double Fart!), forcing Newell to embrace change and grow.

At first, Newell is excited when Mrs. Hendricks announces a school dance! The seventh grade dance last year was awesome, and Newell used it to invent his signature move: The Shake and Slide. But when Newell realizes this dance is for the entire school, not just the eighth grade, he starts to stress about his friends coupling up and the dance ultimately breaking up the gang. Things go from bad to worse when Skyler jinxes Newell: he stubs his toe, breaks his arm, and even misses Mr. Todd slip across the cafeteria on a banana peel! And if that wasn’t enough, Newell’s dad has started dating again…and specifically starts dating Newell's math teacher, Miss Tanner!

Newell decides there is NO WAY he’s going to the dance…until he meets Brenda. After discovering their mutual ill will for the dance, Brenda asks Newell to help her put a stop to it. Newell’s in! But he soon discovers that Brenda’s plan is much worse than he thought. She’s not just trying to stop the dance; she’s trying to RUIN it. Can Newell stop Brenda in time to save the dance and his best friends?

In this fun and imaginative full‑color graphic novel, Jason Platt sends fast‑talking, daydreaming, Newell on another desperate mission to keep his life from changing too much.

This title will be simultaneously available in hardcover. 

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Praise for Middle School Misadventures:

"This hilarious graphic novel is a great read for anyone in middle school or for adults who know someone that age."—School Library Connection
"Bill Watterson-flavored artwork in full color makes this adventure entertaining and approachable even to novice graphic novel readers, yet Platt's humor is refreshingly distinct in both text and image."—BCCB
"Newell's story is filled with a building anxiety that will fill middle-schoolers with urgent suspense and the sweet relief of recognition."—Booklist
"Tweens will find themselves effortlessly involved in this mostly stand-alone story of a young man who must learn to accept change and find his own role within it."—SLJ
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Middle School Misadventures