The League of Unexceptional Children

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About the Book

The League of Unexceptional Children

The League of Unexceptional Children

by Gitty Daneshvari
Illustrated by James Lancett

Jonathan Murray and Shelley Brown have spent their entire lives being ignored—which luckily for them just so happens to be the type of kid the League of Unexceptional Children is recruiting.

What is the League of Unexceptional Children? I’m glad you asked. (Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, you would have eventually and I hate to waste time.) The League of Unexceptional Children is a covert network that uses the nation’s most average, forgettable, and utterly unexceptional children as spies.

Why the average kids? Why not the brainiacs, the beauty queens, or the jocks? It’s simple: People remember them. But no one notices the unexceptionals. They are invisible.

This first book in a hilarious new adventure series is for anyone who's struggled to be noticed in a sea of above-average overachievers.

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“Keeps readers giggling.’
School Library Journal

“Delivers hilarious shenanigans...This humorous new series is sure to appeal to fans of Daneshvari and other lovers of the ludicrous.”
Kirkus Reviews

“This...amusing chapter book goes down easy. Even with the fate of the world resting on their 'slightly hunched' shoulders, the main characters are so disarmingly upfront about their inadequacies that they'll definitely have readers on their side.”

“Pokes sly fun at the pressure to raise future valedictorians and CEOs, by turning the tables on the classic trope of an average kid discovering greatness...Daneshvari's fast-paced, twisty story is chock-full of clever humor.’
Publishers Weekly


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The Author


Gitty Daneshvari

Gitty Daneshvari was an average child, the kind who never made much of a mark academically, athletically, or even socially—a B student who could kick a ball, although never where she intended to kick it, and who made do with one or two friends. So it wasn’t much of a surprise when she was rejected from her school’s Talented and Gifted Program at the age of ten. On the contrary, Gitty had long ago accepted that she simply wasn’t “special,” unless of course you counted her long list of phobias (please read School of Fear for further explanation).

Luckily, as Gitty aged, she realized that the “blah” future she had envisioned for herself was not set in stone. For while she lacked natural talent, there was nothing stopping her from figuring out what she enjoyed and then working hard to become better at it. Gitty is the author of the series School of Fear and Monster High: Ghoulfriends.

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